Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting to work on the bits

Took the brakes apart since the fluid would not flow, replaced the rear wheel cylinders, front calipers, and hoses. Had to replace one rotor due to really bad scoring on the inside.

Old time rotors that require pulling the hub to get to the rotor on the back. Honda did this AGAIN on the Accords, really annoying design. On the Civic though, it is a lot easier.

Bought 1 rotor from Napa since NO one had another. Napa could only find one in the entire U.S.

Front right CV boot was ripped so put in a rebuilt axle just for fun.

Parts for this car are not easy to find. Lots of people list the parts but all are "out of stock".

Dropped the gas tank to clean it out. Had been sitting for 21 years. Dry as a bone but some rust particles and debris but very minimal.

Soaked it with kerosene for a week then drained it and put in lacquer thinner to dry it out.

Used the pressure washer to blast the inside clean and it worked like a champ.

Nice coat of satin black rattle can and ready to go back in.

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